COM3001 is the final year project of my Computer Science degree at the University of Surrey. Using advanced concepts in artificial intelligence, it is a Destination Recommendation System (DRS) built with React.js, Node.js, and Python.

With the rapid development of the internet, recommender systems have become more and more important in our daily lives. From recommending physical products on e-commerce websites such as “Amazon”, or recommending specific content to watch on video streaming services such as “Netflix” and “YouTube”, or even to recommending people to add as “friends” on social networking websites such as “Facebook”, a lot of people interact with recommender systems on a daily basis without necessarily knowing it.

As I would like to be working in the travel industry in the future and am fascinated by recommender systems, I wanted to understand how they work and what kind of impact do they have in this industry. So, I developed a Destination Recommendation System (DRS) that takes advantage of the latest research on recommender systems and web development techniques to enhance the customer experience within the travel industry.

Project report

  • Client: (Personal Project)
  • Service: Machine Learning, Web Development